Hello girls.

There are complements that shine on their own. I love knowing everything about them, their history, what the designer wants to convey to us with their creation and what it will mean in our looks and in our image. Today we talk about bag «SYLVIE» by Gucci.

A design created by Alessandro Michele, creative director of the firm. An original and quality handbag, made to succeed, both in your street outfits, as in your party looks, as in your sets to go to work … a bag that where you take it will be the center of attention of all Looks, complement that will make your image say a lot of about you.

It is a design made in leather, in different colors, that includes iconic elements of the Italian firm. Highlighting on it the Gucci triband, located under a golden ornamental chain.

It is worthy, as reflected by its creator, of the expression «YOU SEE, YOU DESIRE».

Like the «Sylvie» lounge shoes, ideal to match the matching bag. Also designed with the ottoman strip with the Gucci triband, which adorns the front of the shoe. With this, Alessandro Michele, within his melancholic and baroque universe, wanted to pay homage to the past of the firm, since the use of the triband is an inspiration that goes back to the use of the strap that held the chair Riding the horse, and that is being a great choice for creating different

 Always try to complete your outfits with the best complements.

The choice of TRESTYLE this week has been the bags and shoes «SYLVIE» of the Italian firm GUCCI.

What do you think?

Would you bet on them as a good choice?

I hope you liked it.

Thank you.